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Why Yollty?

We know that your time is precious

 That is why we worked with local businesses such as yourself to create the right tool for you

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Simple & Easy to setup

You can set up your loyalty program in 5 minutes. You need simply to create an account here.

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Simple & Easy to use

Instead of using outdated paper cards, your customers would simply have to scan a unique QR code.

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Stronger relationships with your customers

With Yollty, you can reach out fully to your audience via in-app messages or push notifications.

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A better understanding of your customers

Yollty provides you with an advanced, easy-to-use dashboard, so you can constantly monitor your business.

The best loyalty program for you

What type of Loyalty program?

Still thinking about which type of loyalty program to go with? Stamps or points. Let us help you.

With points, you can give multiple rewards depending on the number of points.

You can set a default amount for each point (for example, 1€ spent = 10 points). Then you can create several rewards depending on the number of points. 
For example if you are a Burger restaurant, you could say 200 points = 1 drink, 500 points = 1 free Fries or 1000 points = 1 burger. It is great for businesses where customers pay different amounts.
And the cool thing? When a customer pays, you simply need to put the amount and it is translated into points automatically.

Stamps, the classic

Stamps have been used for ever! Each time a user pays a certain amount, you decide how many stamps you wants to give him. Unlike with the points system, you cannot automate this part. For each transaction, you will have to calculate the number of stamps to give. For example, you decide to give 1 stamp every 10€ and a customer spends 15€, you will then have to give him 1 stamp.
Stamps are the classic way to do it, that is why we offer it but we find the points system will give you more flexibility on the longterm.

More loyal, more points (Coming soon)

We are currently working on giving the opportunity to businesses to have different tiers. For example, Silver, Gold,  Platinium. For each tier, you could have then special rewards and give them different points depending on the level

If you want to know more, please have a look at our blog
If you still have questions, drop us a message on the chat.

How it works?

Save time and increase loyalty

Loyal customers are the beating heart of every business, as they are the ones who will regularly visit your store.

Yollty is simple and easy to setup
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Simple & Easy to setup

To get started, just download the Free Yollty Business App on any smartphone or tablet. With the click of a button, Yollty offers you a fast check-out experience, without unnecessary delays in front of your cashier stand.

✅ Start in 5 minutes
✅ Set up your loyalty program easily and quickly
✅ Customise easily with your logo and your colours

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Simple & Easy to use

They will collect stamps or points and you can easily give them a well-deserved gift when needed.  Rewarding your customers with the Yollty Digital Loyalty card is fully in line with your daily routine.

✅ Collect stamps or points easily
✅ Use an app that suits your daily routine
✅ Give stamps or points with a simple phone

The Business app for Yollty to generate QR Codes
Communicate with your audience via push notifications directly via Yollty's app
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Stronger relationships with your customers

When you want to reach out to your audience, you use Social Media. However, they stop you from reaching to 100% of your audience. With Yollty, you can reach out fully to your audience via in-app messages or push notifications. You can even choose and target specific segment of customers with your special offers.

✅ Target customers that did not come for a certain period
✅ Send them targeted push notifications
✅ Share great news

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A better understanding of your customers

By tracking down the specifics of your loyalty program and reviews, you will be able to adapt your promotions and to improve your marketing strategy, as to effectively grow your customer base.

✅ Identify the most loyal ones so that can recommend you
✅ A full customised dashboard
✅ Gather private customer feedbacks

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Let’s simplify & digitalise your loyalty program

Your most loyal customers are free ambassadors.
Engage with your community by rewarding your most loyal customers and incentivising the undecided ones.