Send easily and automatically the right message at the right time

Imagine if you could simply send messages and push notifications at key moments of your customers’ journey? To tell them you miss them if they did not come for a certain time.

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Save time and be consistent

Automate key messages to send the right information at the right time to the right person

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Increase easily your Google ranking

Ask automatically for review each customer who has more than a certain amount of points or stamps

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Re-activate your sleeping customers

Reach out automatically to each customer that did not come back after a predefined time

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Share key info with new customers

Send any news about your newest product, any changes in your day to day

Save time and be consistent

Based on hundreds of exchanges with local businesses, we created some pre-defined workflows that you can launch with the click of a button without any technical knowledge. For example, someone just joined your community? Just send them an automated messages to welcome them and ask for their first feedback

Increase easily your ranking on Google or Tripadvisor

We know how important Google or Tripadvisor can be for you. Your most loyal customers love what you do and when they are satisfied, they become your ambassadors. You can ask them automatically each time they reach a certain amount of points and stamps. Your rating and your number of reviews will increase, and so will your Google ranking as well.

Reactivate your sleeping customers

Someone hasn’t been around for weeks? Months? And you don’t have time to reach out to them frequently? What if you could automatically send them a message when they have not come for a certain amount of time? Use Yollty’s automated messages to do that easily. It will take you 5 mins to setup and then you are good to go.

Send special messages for birthdays

Birthdays are a key moment for each of us. Send a special offer for this special occasion. It's the perfect time to remind your customers that you care about them. 

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The Marketing Automation FAQs

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Let’s simplify & digitalise your loyalty program

Your most loyal customers are free ambassadors.
Engage with your community by rewarding your most loyal customers and incentivising the undecided ones.