The Business app to give points/stamps

Download the Business app to generate a unique QR code each time your customers buy from you. They can then directly scan it from Yollty's user app in order to collect points (or stamps) and claim gifts.

The Business app for Yollty to generate QR Codes

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"Now i can collect all my loyalty points at one place! What a convenient way to always gain something with every transaction!"

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How the business app can help you?

Easy like a Sunday Morning

We know you are busy. That is why we built an app that goes along with your daily routine

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You can download the Yollty Business app on Android or iOS, and it is FREE. No need to buy an extra phone or any particular tablet to use it.

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We know that for flexibility you might need to have Yollty installed on several devices. That is why you can use the same account on several devices so you can have it on several strategic places or for several co-workers.

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Easy sharing

Your customers do not have the app? No worries, they can directly scan your QR code with their camera and it will automatically send them to download the app on their application store (App store for iOS and Play Store for Android). After they download the app, the points will be added automatically. Easy for them, easy for you

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Fast checkout experience

Having the Business app on your phone or tablet allows you to start giving stamps or points right away. Once your customer made a purchase, you open the Business App, choose the number of stamps/points you are giving him and then we can directly scan the QR code and receive his loyalty points.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business App FAQs

We gathered the most frequent asked questions about the business app. You have more questions, please check here.

Is it the same app as the user app?

Does Yollty works with every phone brand?

Does it works on tablet too?

Can I have it on multiple devices?

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