Send easily automated messages

Imagine if you could simply send messages and push notifications at key moments of your customers' journey? For their birthday, when you miss them or for your birthday together?

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Why Marketing Automation?

Save time and be consistent

We know that you are not necessarily marketing experts, let us help you by automating easily what can be automated

Simple & Easy to setup

As you already have the Yollty app, everything is already there, no need to install or set up anything new. With the click of a button you could start sending automated messages to your audience.

Simple & Easy to use

Based on hundreds of exchange with local businesses, we created some pre-defined workflows that you can launch with the click of a button without any technical knowledge. For example,

Meaningful relationships with your customers

By sending key messages for their birthday, when they did not come for a certain time or when there is a particular offer on their favorite product, your customers feel special.

Have full control

You can of course customise your customer's journey to adapt it to your needs and particularity. The way you speak, the way you communicate and interact with them is your branding. Feel free to express it via Yollty.

Let’s simplify & digitalise your loyalty program

Your most loyal customers are free ambassadors.
Engage with your community by rewarding your most loyal customers and incentivising the undecided ones.